Events & Experientials

Teleflora Love Out Loud

We traveled to DC to help Teleflora bring their Wall of Love event to life.  In the Pre-dawn hours we installed the "Wall of Love."   A  team of florists filled the wall with 600 bouquets of flowers in megaphones.  In a world where the Government is building walls Teleflora asked  us to build a wall they could tear down to share the love.   This moving video chronicles the events of the day.

US Open Overlook VIP Area

Kreate Events hired us to create elements for the US Open Overlook VIP area.  Visitors had no idea they were relaxing on practice courts that had been transformed with the help of Tom Carroll Scenery in to an elegant lounge area to enjoy the tennis matches.

Anastasia BeautyCon

Anastasia of Beverly Hills asked Tom Carroll Scenery to create a trade show both for BeautyCon NYC that had a WOW factor.  We created a booth made of translucent holographic and prismatic pyramids all lit by LED.  It was the talk of the trade show and delivered the WOW factor they were looking for, complete with ring toss and ball pit!

Crayola Events

We installed the Teacher Appreciation Day event in the Flatiron District.  With A Giant  "Thank You" Crayola invited people to write messages to thank their teachers.  See the video to see how New Yorkers responded.


When Crayola decided to retire colors from the crayon box and announce new colors, they contacted Tom Carroll Scenery to help them make the “New Blue” color name announcement event.  When you need colors matched for a product or logo we can do it.  Our team of highly skilled scenic artists will work with you to get your colors right.