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Fine Art

Blu Marble installation by Sebastian Errazuriz

Big show Construction Management hired us to build the 34 ft. diameter bezel screen frame for Sebastian Errazuriz installation Blu Marble.  This screen was installed in an empty lot on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for a month and had live feed projections of earth on it 24/7.  Even the Earth is not too big for Tom Carroll Scenery

Origami Horse

Disruptive media lab partnered with the Hermes brand​ to place these Picasso inspired Origami horses in a park in NYC.  TCS delivered with weather proof and public proof sculptures that sat outside for several months in all the elements mother nature could throw at them.

Flat Iron Candy Canes

​TCS Partnered with Florist Michael George to install giant candy canes for the holiday season in the Flatiron district.

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