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Theater & Props

The Originalist.

The Supreme Court has been in the news lately, but we were ahead of the curve!  When Molly Smith, Artistic Director of Arena Stage asked us to build the set and Automation for The Originalist, a play about Justice Scalia, we took every step necessary to recreate the Arena Stage production in NYC at 59 E.59th Theater.

  • Directed by:  Molly Smith

  • Starring: Edward Gero and Brett Mack

  • Scenic Design by:  Misha Kachman

  • Produced by: Arena Stage @ 59E59 Theater

Ride The Cyclone

MCC Theater produced the NYC premiere of the musical Ride the Cyclone, and we were thrilled to work with designer Scott Davis to bring the musical to "life."​

  • Directed by:  Rachel Rockwell

  • Starring:  Lillian Castillo, Gus Halper, Karl Hamilton, Johnny Newcomb, Emily Rohm, Tiffany Tatreau, Emily Walton, Kholby Wardell, and Alex Wyse.

  • Scenic Design by Scott Davis

  • Produced by MCC Theater @ Lucille Lortel Theater

Sugar in our Wounds

Manhattan Theater Club asked us to build one of the most important characters in this touching play.  A living tree that is protecting escaped slaves at the end of the Civil War.  Using all of our skills as foam carvers, metal fabricators, carpenters and painters, we created a moving breathing living piece of scenery.


This is the kind of design collaboration that keeps us coming to work every day!  If you dream it we can build it!

  • Directed by: Saheem Ali

  • Starring: Stephanie Berry, Sheldon Best, Fern Cozine, Tiffany Rachelle Stewart, Chinaza Uche

  • Scenic design by:  Arnulfo Maldonado

  • Produced by Manhattan Theater Club @ City Center

Fulfillment Center

What is OSB? Oriented Strand Board is a flooring substrate, used as a finish surface in the entertainment industry, for its texture, pattern and color variation.  When it is the only thing on the set, it better look right!  OSB requires a specific process to transform it to the state you see here.  Contact TCS to find out how we do it.


  • Directed by:  Daniel Aukin

  • Starring:  Eboni Booth, Bobby Moreno, Deirdre O’Connell, Frederick Weller

  • Designed by Andrew Lieberman

  • Produced by: Manhattan Theater Club @ City Center

  • Photo by Caitlin Ochs for the New York Times

Custom Props

"It's just a prop."  Don't be fooled.  Props are one of the hardest jobs in the business.  Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.  We take a normal every day object and put it on a special treatment of steroids, mutant energy, and magic fairy dust and deliver the prop that does everything no one ever intended it to do.  Dancing cafeteria tables for Mean Girls on Broadway?  No problem.  An acoustic guitar you can smash every performance and twice on matinee days.  We've done that.   The top prop professionals on Broadway look to us to create those special items, that can stand up to the unique demands of live theater.

The Mean Girls Dancing tables are on our home page.  Pictured here are guitar parts, for Waitress the musical.  Regina's Platform also from Mean Girls is on the next image.